The innovative 1102I 11.6″ 16:9 Portable Touchscreen IPS Monitor from GeChic offers touchscreen capabilities with support for up to 10 touch-points. The touchscreen also supports palm rejection technology, which allows for a more comfortable user experience especially when using a stylus.
Setup is simple thanks to the versatile connectivity options with a micro-USB, a micro-HDMI port, and a VGA port located on the side of the display. On the back, you will find a 30-pin port that is compatible with the On-Lap Proprietary HDMI Type-A and USB Type-A to dock port cable (sold separately). Included with the GeChic 1102I is a smart stand supporting both horizontal and vertical viewing as well as protection against minor bumps or drops.
The GeChic 1102I Portable Touchscreen Monitor features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution screen along with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, a 250 cd/m² brightness rating, and support for up to 16.7 million colors to ensure all of your multimedia content is displayed with enhanced colors and clarity.
10-Point Multi-Touch & Palm Rejection Technology
Offering accuracy and fluidity, the On-Lap 1102I is designed to satisfy you with every touch response. With 10-point touch recognition you can type on screen as if on keyboard, drawing and tapping. The palm rejection technology avoids unintentional inputs and brings you comfort of touch.
Flexible Connection Solutions
Side Connection
Three side connections include micro-USB, micro-HDMI, and VGA inputs.
Rear Connection
A 30-pin specific rear port is set on the rear of 1102I. With the On-Lap Proprietary HDMI Type-A and USB Type-A to dock port cable (sold separately), you gain the clear front display in your system.
Advanced FFS Technology
The On-Lap 1102I uses the high-end FFS (Fringe-Field Switching) panel for wide viewing angles. The panel combines the advantages of Full HD, 16.7M true color, a high contrast ratio, and fast response time. You can read webpages, view photos, and watch videos with more image quality on a power-saving screen.
Smart Stand Gains More Flexibility
With the cover protection, take 1102 on your person wherever you go. Free more space to create a cleaner desk and earn your efficiency. The rigid protective cover not only provides reliable protection but also sustains 1102I horizontally or vertically at various viewing angles.
Kensington Security Slot
The industry standard Kensington Lock port on the side of 1102I provides an anti-theft protection. Just install a lock to level up the security when you place the 1102I for advertising, or on a counter as a sign board.
VESA Mounting
The optional Multi-Mount kit for the 1102I supports the VESA 75 interface. Install 1102I on monitor arm or wall mount allowing more space for either office environment or factory.
HDMI Video Display Capability
1920 x 1080p (50 Hz / 59.94 Hz / 60 Hz)
1280 x 720p (50 Hz / 59.94 Hz / 60 Hz)
720 x 480p (59.94 Hz / 60 Hz)
640 x 480p (59.94 Hz / 60 Hz)


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